Stock up on Credits

“Stock” up on credits and SAVE MONEY this holiday season with our 100% online 5-week mini semester! These classes begin November 27 and end December 29.

Current WCC students and visiting students from four-year schools can get ahead of the game and earn full class credits in much less time. New WCC students can get a head start!

5-week Classes

BUS-115-IN04 – Business Law I
CIS-110-IN09 – Introduction to Computers
EDU-119-IN03 – Intro to Early Childhood Education
HEA-110-IN05 – Personal Health/Wellness
MAT-143-IN03 – Quantitative Literacy
MUS-112-IN04 – Introduction to Jazz
POL-120-IN02 – American Government

How to Enroll

If you’re coming from a four-year school…

  1. Apply to WCC
  2. Send us a letter of permission from your home institution. You should be able to get this letter in the registrar’s office or from your adviser. If you are unable to get a letter of permission, you can turn in an official college transcript instead to show that you meet the prerequisites for the class you want to take.
  3. Call the WCC College Transfer Advising Center at 919-739-6755 to register for the class you want to take.

Brand New WCC Students
See the steps to apply here!

Current WCC students
Speak with your advisor to register!

Financial Assistance
Financial aid for these classes may be available to you! Contact our Financial Aid office to find out if you’re eligible at 919-739-6735 or

Please direct all other questions to our Admissions office at 919-739-6720 or